Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Parenting and Atheism

I was talking to one of my favourite orthopraxers this past Shabbos. Among other things we talked briefly about the (intellectual) difficulty of sending kids to orthodox schools to be indoctrinated with information we may not believe. The arguments for why not to send your kids to be taught something you don't believe are obvious but the conversation did make me think of the following parenting story from Ricky Gervais IN FAVOUR of lying to you kids.

Do you think Mrs. Gervais' decision to consciously lie to little Ricky was a good approach? What approach do you take with your kids?

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kisarita said...

why shouldn't a parent send their kid to that school if they like it, but continue to be honest with their kids about their own personal beliefs? Just sending your kid to a particular school doesn't mean you have to parrot its beliefs.
There's always going to be somethign you don't agree with. Even If you sent your kid to public school, you think you'd agree with every single thing your kid learned there?
So what?